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How Aston Martin Finance for the new RapideE model is expected soon

Aston martin finance

According to various sources within Aston Martin, the very first all electric superacar is expected to be released very soon, some even comment that it will be within the next two years, this groundbreaking model will be known as the RapidE. The initial development stages of this supercar will be partly financed by a company based in China known as ‘ChinaEquity’. It has been suggested that will having a whopping 550 break horse power and will be rear-wheel drive, will a range in total of around 200 miles on a single charge. The Aston Martin Finance options provided by this Chinese company, likely means that almost no expense will be spared.

The RapidE supercar from Aston Martin, will up to 1,000 break horsepower, this will mean that it’s going to have a much shorter drive range but will be driven instead by a total of four electric powered motors. This will help it to achieve the all important all wheel drive handling, as well as the torque and required speed. This project will only be developed and released, after the initial 550 bhp rear-wheel only drive model has been on the market for two years.

How Aston Martin Finance can help individual customers of this supercar

The outside style of this RapidE model is going to be similar to the V12 Rapide S that is out on the market at the moment. However the difference is visible under the actual bonnet of the car where the team Williams developed electronics actually lives. Added to this, the badge will also be varied with a blue colour added to it. Customers are expected to be able to purchase this car through a range of means, including through a number of Aston Martin Finance Options offered by companies such as Supercar Finance.

Price wise, this new Aston Martin RapidE model is rumored to go on sale from around £200,000 with additional plans in place that will ensure the building of around 400 cars per year. This car isn’t going to be a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S P85D that we are used to seeing, but it is still going to be a very popular car indeed.

How Rolls Royce and Porsche Finance can put these supercars in your hands!

It used to be that supercars beyond the reach of the average man, this is becoming less and less true as companies are putting together competitive financing packages such as this Porsche finance one. It is still true that a person needs to have a relatively large amount of capital for the cars, however the amount needed has continued to decrease as more and more finance companies enter the supercar market.

If you are anything like most people out there, then paying purely in cash for a supercar like a Porsche just isn’t going to be possible. Even if it were possible and you did have the cash, depleting your savings account may not always be the best option when buying a new vehicle. What this means is that you are either looking to lease the car in question, or buy it buy using a specialist car Porsche finance option or an option that is bespoke for your chosen car. If looking to buy, then it’s likely that you’re getting finance through a car dealership, a bank that you have a good standing financial reputation with or possibly a form of credit union. There is another option though, you can select a specialist supercar Finance company that specialises in something like Rolls Royce Finance.

The best way to lease of Finance a Rolls Royce or supercar

While leasing can be a very good option for a number of circumstances, it’s almost an entirely different topic to cover, so in this particular article, we’re going to be focusing purely on financing a car. If you already know that you definitely want to finance the car rather than pay for it in cash, then you really should do your homework and learn how to get the best financing deal.

Let’s say that you do have the money to pay for your car in  cash and are you’re considering doing it this way, what’s the best way to go about doing it and how can you be sure that it will give you the best value? Here are a few instances where paying for it in cash is probably the better way:

  • If you are likely to pay greater interest by financing your car than the amount of money you would earn if you chose to invest it or perhaps if you were to keep it within savings account.
  • If you did not have a very good financial credit rating and would therefore need to pay a higher interest rate to finance your vehicle.
  • If you are in debt already beforehand but still have enough cash at hand but do not wish to further damage your credit rating

But if you’re like many people, you probably need to finance your supercar with rolls royce finance or Porsche finance.